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Doi Ngu Bep Oc Thien Nhien

Who We Are?

Oc thien Nhien is a family chain restaurant that serves local people in Vung Tau. Other than shellfish, we also serves a variety of dishes with Vietnamese taste, for examples: rice, noodle, hot pot,… Diners can have lots of choices when they come here.

Our Criteria

Customers easily know and identify us as a delicious, cheap and hygienic restaurant. Thanks to these criteria, the restaurant can always remain the prestige and loyalty of local diners.


Our chefs work with passion and never underestimated the health of customers more than the restaurant’s profit. All cooking materials that we use always have clear origins

Effort Is Joy

Holidays and weekend is always the peak time for us, but don’t worry, we have enough staff to help you order food despite the crowd of diner.

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